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Event Management

Corporate Events Management

The management of corporate events includes planning and organizing different types of events for corporate stakeholders, and engaging the attendees during the event. These events can be for a variety of reasons.

Some of these include – conferences, team dinners, orientation for new joinees, farewell parties, trade shows, exhibitions, awards and incentive programs etc.

Press Conference Management

Press conferences are media events. They are designed to either get positive press coverage of an announcement by your organisation, perhaps of a new policy, product or service, or to limit negative coverage of a problem or disaster.

Press conferences are unlike any other presentation opportunity, and the repercussions can be serious if you mess up, so it is well worth finding out how to manage them well.

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Press Conference
Annual Day

Annual Day Celebrations

The Annual Day celebration is an integral part of every school and is something the students love of course!

Annual Day is an important event that celebrates the beginning of a new year and the bidding farewell to the previous academic year in a celebration of felicitation, feast and festivity.

Almost every school celebrates this wonderful event to showcase its achievements. Undoubtedly it is one of the most anxiously awaited events for any school or student.

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Hospitality Events

Hospitality is often a term used to infer food and beverages served. However Collins dictionary defines "hospitable" to be welcoming guests and strangers. Event managers need to see their event from the point of view the participant/spectator point of view. The following may be some of the items that would make spectator "guests" feel more welcome


hospitality Management
Theme Events

Theme Events & Theme Conferences

Public Events

Public Event
Sport Event

Sporting Events


Festival Event
Trade Meets

Trade Meets

Dealer Meets

Dealers Meets
Sales Team Events

Sales Team Events

Fashion Shows

Fashion Show
Celebrity Managements

Celebrity Managements

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